Why do we connect with an elephant?

As long as we can remember, we have used the iconic image of an elephant in our communication. An elephant and a producer of pipes, it might seem a rather strange association. Nevertheless, for us, it is a very obvious link. Let us explain you why.

The elephant goes way back

The association of Henco Industries and an elephant goes way back. It was made before Henco was part of the Aalberts group and before Wim Verhoeven was our CEO. This association is a derivative from a quote of our former CEO, Lowie Hendrickx, who wanted to make clear how strong Henco pipes are.

“Even an elephant could go stand upon our pipes, without breaking them.” (Hendrickx, L.)

Back in the days, Henco launched an innovative product. So, when customers asked Mr. Hendrickx about his products he claimed that, by figure of speech, our pipes are so strong that an elephant could stand upon them, without breaking.

Evolution of our iconic image

The emphasis is still put on the strength of an elephant. The strongest part of an elephant, is its trunk. Therefore, we focus nowadays on this part, and its face in general, in our communication.

The evolution of our elephant.