Sustainable (underfloor)heating in Lemmer

In a world where sustainable living becomes increasingly important, sustainable heating should not be overlooked either. In co-operation with a Dutch installation company, Henco installed the right floor heating system in a work hangar under construction. This work hangar is owned by a Lemmer-based interior builder who contacted the specialist wholesaler Technische Unie, who in turn contacted us. Together with the installation company, we provided a sustainable solution.

In this case, an industrial floor was opted for (a concrete floor with iron reinforcement). Consequently, the Maze system was applied (whereby the pipes are attached to a mesh using tying wires), in combination with Henco Multilayerpipes and a steel manifold.

All the advantages of the products used result in an impeccable solution, underlying the sustainable heating system for the new interior construction building. Do you also need sustainable heating? 

Check out the video of this project!

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Overview of our project.