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Bending pipes, tightening fittings, straightening pipes - every day installers are faced with challenging jobs that consume a lot of time and energy. Henco's extensive range of smart tools helps you work faster and more efficiently. Here we present the bending tools and the PK tools.

Bending tool

Do you need to make various bends without tying yourself in knots? Our bending tools are ideal for that. Henco bending tools have been completely upgraded. They look very stylish and they are very practical to work with. The advantages:

  • Same price, higher quality
  • Anodised aluminium in Henco blue
  • Engraved angle indicator on the pipe segment
  • Handy storage with click fastening
  • Different shaft sizes on each side ensure correct bending arm position on pipe segment
  • Pipe clip to facilitate pipe release after bending
  • Shortest possible pipe radius per diameter guaranteed
  • 0°-180° bending range
  • Available in 16, 20 and 26mm diameter

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PK Tool

The PK tool is another tool that makes your job as an installer easier. This ratchet key gives you a better grip and speeds up the installation of threaded Henco fittings. These are the qualities of the PK tool:

  • Lightweight
  • Grip over the whole contour of the fitting
  • Does not damage plastic fittings, even when applying maximum torque
  • Works clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Maximum force transmission
  • Fitting size indicator on handle
  • Chrome steel handle
  • Key gripping jaws in anodised aluminium
  • Position of the key gripping jaws enables grip on mounted fittings around the composite pipe (without cutting)
  • Available in three sizes, stowed in a handy box

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