New campaign visual for Henco multilayer pipe


The elephant’s foot has symbolised the power of the Henco aluminium multilayer pipe ever since its launch in the early nineties. After 25 years we were ready for an update…

Able to withstand the force of an elephant

The multilayer pipe is Henco’s flagship product. We developed this strong aluminium pipe in 1992, which is when the elephant’s foot idea was conceived. When asked to put the strength of the multilayer pipe into words, Henco founder Louis Hendrickx said: “An elephant walking over it would not make any impression on the Henco pipe.” The idea of the elephant’s foot was born. This recognisable symbol continues to be used today, but after a quarter of a century a makeover was called for.

Same idea, new concept

Retaining the same symbolism was essential for us. We simply wanted to update the presentation. The resulting concept stays faithful to our DNA, continuing to use an elephant to symbolise the power of the multilayer pipe. The new campaign visual will be deployed in future communication and marketing materials. It is a strong and clearly recognisable visual for a rock-solid product.

Henco campaign image - We care to connect