Modern push fittings allow considerable time savings

The fittings from the Henco Vision range differ from the traditional fittings because they are push fittings. Most fittings are pressed with a press jaw or press machine and you press the fitting onto the pipe. This is not necessary here. After you have cut off the tube and calibrated you just have to put it in the fitting. Assembly is faster, so the installer wins time. And an additional advantage is that the installer can also work more compactly.

High-quality synthetic material

The fitting is made of the same material as a press fitting, namely PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). That is the most high-quality synthetic material that you can find on the market in terms of temperature resistance and flexibility. This way you can also collapse the fittings into concrete.
Henco Vision can only be used with smaller diameters, available in diameters 16, 20 and 26 mm.

Additional advantages

Henco also provided a protective cover against dirt in the Vision fittings. That is necessary. There should be no dirt if you connect the fitting to the tube, to prevent leakage.

The fittings from the Vision range also have viewing windows that become white to confirm that the pipe is correctly inserted. This way the seal is guaranteed.

Vision manifolds

The Vision range also includes specific Vision manifolds that guarantee the same ease of installation. These are made of the same synthetic material. They are very versatile and easy to modulate: you can set as many or as few distribution points as you want, and you can also connect other fittings than the Henco Vision.

Henco Vision stands for fast and reliable ... for installers with a vision!