Maximising installation convenience with modular press fittings

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The Blaisantpark project in Ghent comprises 68 apartments with retail spaces on the ground floor. The piping for both drinking water and heating consists of Henco multilayer pipes. Large diameters (75-90mm) are created with modular press fittings. The installation company was delighted with the fitting system, praising its ease of use in particular.

Distribution pipes for homes and shops

Installation covered the water and heating distribution pipes to the apartments and the connection of the retail spaces to the drinking water network. The homes are connected to a central boiler room and are equipped with radiators, although some parts have underfloor heating.

Henco multilayer pipes with diameters of 75-90mm and branches up to 32mm are used for all connections between water meters, the central boiler room and the apartments.

Fitting system for large diameters

Fitters used Henco's Super Size range for diameters of 75mm and 90mm. The great advantage is that the installer does not have to bring a heavy press, because pressing is done in advance at a special table. An additional advantage is that no special tools are needed for the connection itself, which is realised with a clamping ring and a locking ring.

The third advantage is that the installer can put together the fitting in situ based on what is actually needed: branches, adapters, bends, couplers...

Simple procedure

The installer gets the diameters of 75mm and 90mm on 5m bars. After shortening and calibrating the pipes, the installer presses the coupler onto the plastic tube. The table is equipped with a battery-powered press, so power cords and sockets are not needed on the worksite. The appropriate fitting is attached with seals and a clamping ring to ensure it is rotatable and the connection can be dismantled.

A satisfied installer

The installation company was very happy with this system. Compared with traditional methods, the focus in this modular fitting system is on ease of installation and prefabrication.

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