Installation of creative underfloor heating a feat of engineering

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Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen built a new service centre, 72 serviced flats and a crèche on Groenenborgerlaan in Wilrijk.

Construction of the new Oosterveld service centre has been completed. The multilayer pipes that supply the whole complex with sanitation water were sourced by Henco, which also installed the underfloor heating in the crèche. The irregularity in the floor finishing made this a real challenge.

Assembly with tacker nails

Henco installed the underfloor heating in consultation with the contractor. "We followed up their tiling plan and helped coordinate the work," says Katerine Meire, sales representative Henco Belgium. The building partners opted to use a tacker. "A simple, cost-effective fitting system in which the pipes are mounted with tacker nails. The whole study was coordinated in-house. At Henco, engineering office Henco Floor conducts all the technical studies, from heat loss calculation to installation plan.

Irregular floor finishing

The underfloor heating in the crèche was a real feat of engineering. "The crèche is characterised by various floor finishing materials in very irregular forms," says Katerine. "Our circuits had to remain separate between the different floor finishing materials. The irregular forms forced us to draw our circuits in very irregular forms too and create divisions between all finishes. It was a challenge, but the good coordination between architect, contractor, fitter and Henco helped ensure that it all went well."

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