Henco underfloor heating: pleasant, comfortable heat

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Are you looking for a discrete heating system that provides pleasant, comfortable heat? Underfloor heating may be just the thing. Henco underfloor heating has a lot of advantages and possibilities. We are delighted to list them for you.

Advantages of underfloor heating

  • The ideal combination of low-energy heating applications, such as heat pumps and solar boilers
  • A substantial reduction in the cost of power compared with other heating systems
  • Pleasant heat that meets human needs perfectly
  • No need for radiators, so all the space can be used as needed
  • Unattractive heating elements are a thing of the past
  • None of the dust traps that characterise conventional heating

Why choose Hencofloor?

Hencofloor offers a comprehensive package of high-quality products, including the flagship Henco composite pipe. The installation of a high-grade long-life pipe is key in an underfloor heating system. Because replacing the piping system is a costly business.

As well as a range of top-class products, Hencofloor also boasts an experienced, customer-friendly design office that provides appropriate support across the board:

  • Expert technical advice
  • Detailed scale installation plans
  • Technical file, complete underfloor heating calculation
  • In-house engineering insurance
  • Diligent follow-up in consultation with all parties

Six different systems

When it comes to underfloor heating, every floor demands a unique approach. Hencofloor offers six different systems, ensuring you always find the ideal one for your needs!

System plate

In this underfloor heating system the pipe is fitted in a preformed system plate. This is a fast-install system that requires no special tools. The main thing is ensuring the system plate is placed on a completely level surface. There can be only one level of insulation under the plate.


In this underfloor heating system the pipe is held in place by tacker staples. This is a commonly used system for installing underfloor heating over a large surface area. A special tacker is needed for the tacker staples. On average, three tacker staples are needed for every meter of piping. The length of the tacker staple depends on the insulation thickness underneath.

Steel mesh

In this underfloor heating system the pipe is mounted on a steel mesh with clips or binding wire. The steel mesh is available in 10x10cm and 15x15cm grids.

Mounting profile

In this underfloor heating system the pipe is held in place by a mounting profile. No special tools are required. The mounting profile can be fixed with retaining pins.

Dry system

This is an underfloor heating system for low construction heights. It is a lightweight system that is ideal when the load-bearing structure is less strong (such as framed structures).


RENO12 is particularly well suited to low construction heights, during renovations for instance. The pipe is fitted into a preformed gypsum fibreboard. It is important to ensure the gypsum fibreboard is placed on a completely level surface.

The perfect underfloor heating partner

Hencofloor is an underfloor heating partner that offers a great many possibilities and advantages. Like to know how we can contribute to your project? Be sure to contact us to arrange a no-strings meeting.