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From Sweden to South Africa, Henco is active across the globe as a piping and installation system manufacturer and supplier for sanitation, (underfloor) heating and gas applications. Here we present a selection of our foreign projects.

Service centre and crèche in Antwerp

Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen built a new service centre, 72 serviced flats and a crèche on Groenenborgerlaan in Wilrijk.
Construction of the new Oosterveld service centre is advancing smoothly. The multilayer pipes that supply the whole complex with sanitation water were sourced by Henco, which also installed the underfloor heating in the crèche. The irregularity in the floor finishing made this a real challenge.

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Blaisantpark, Ghent

The Blaisantpark project in Ghent comprises 68 apartments with retail spaces on the ground floor. The piping for both drinking water and heating consists of Henco multilayer pipes. Large diameters (75 and 90mm) were created with modular Super Size pressure fittings.

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Soccer City in South Africa

Soccer City is Johannesburg's prestigious football stadium, which was renovated for the 2010 World Cup. Sanitary systems were vital during South Africa 2010. So we are incredibly proud that the arena has been equipped with Henco products. Soccer City has a diameter of 1200m and contains more than 20km of Henco multilayer piping. A full 3km of piping has a diameter of 50mm. More than 225,000 PVDF press fittings have been used to connect up the multilayer pipes.

The installation company completed the work six weeks ahead of the deadline, due to the simple and efficient deployment possibilities offered by the Henco system.

Moravia Thermal wellness centre (Czech Republic)

Moravia Thermal (Czech Republic) is a modern wellness centre with 3000m² of swimming pools, powered by geothermal energy. The centre has various facilities, including restaurants and saunas. Henco Industries supplied 6,000m² of underfloor heating (with RIXc piping, diameter 16, and system plate), totalling 30km of piping.

Ceconi castle (Italy)

Henco Industries installed underfloor heating throughout Ceconi castle in the north of Pordenone province in Italy. The high-grade multilayer pipe in combination with the Henco Tacker system and a multilayer manifold ensure efficient power management and a pleasant temperature.

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