Collaboration ESF (European Social Fund)


With the financial support of the European Social Fund, we started 2 projects in 2017: one on training and one on the development of a sustainable career policy.

Sustainable careers (ESF call 396)
As an organization, we strive to involve our employees in the ins and outs of Henco. In HR this translates into the pursuit of an organizational culture where our employees can develop within a revised HR framework. With support from the ESF, we can accelerate our career policy in a much broader and substantively stronger way, focusing on competency policy, recruitment and selection, reception, evaluation, career policy, training, leadership and wage policy.

Training (ESF call 395)
In line with the strategic objectives and the operational plan, Henco offers training in following clusters in addition to the technical training courses:

  • digital skills including formation in the optimal use of Office tools and systems for warehouse management, customer relationship management and process optimization.
  • social skills, with focus on involvement and cooperation, leadership and commercial skills.
  • company innovation to gain insight into new production techniques, raw materials and market development.